provided items

These items will be provided 1 hour before start time for RANDOM category.

RANDOM category

  • a GPX file with all Control Points (as waypoints)
  • a paper map of the entire area (scale 1:50,000)
  • a score-sheet/clue-sheet

required items

  1. a mobile phone with local SIM card and a battery pack or two – you will need to be able to make and receive calls (and send SMS) throughout the whole event.
  2. a mobile phone or digital cameras – to take a “selfie” of you and your teammate with the Control Point that you have found.
  3. water container of some sort
  4. a first-aid kit
  5. A whistle
  6. Some spare food
  7. Some cash
  8. A backpack to hold all of the above

recommended items

  • A watch or a mobile phone with a built-in GPS.
  • A good quality compass – when all else failed, you may need to resort to a map and a compass.
  • A pen or a pencil
  • A cap/hat, arm-sleeves, sun lotion
  • An off-line map application
    • we highly recommended MAPS.ME – a very handy and very accurate (if your mobile phone has a true GPS). A map of Northern Thailand is approximately 30MB.
  • More off-line map applications for:

other stuff

  • Electricity – Doi Pui Camping Ground has very limited electricity outlet to charge your phone/pad/tablet/car.
  • Food and water will always be available at the Hash House all the time – from the time it opens for business until late Saturday night.